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Scale-up your business

In an food-Tech driven, quick, and quality-focused world! We, at Capital Cloud Kitchens, aspire to take restaurants' businesses to a higher level by assisting you to roll out your brand in a cloud kitchen with full optimization for business, including saving time and money, MEP, rent, kitchen layout, menu engineering, schematics, operational excellence, reducing your costs, and maximizing your sales to increase brand loyalty.

Brand Development

Everyone wants their food &beverage business to be authentic, unique, outstanding, profitable, and more. People celebrate food and drink but business is business. If the overall concept doesn’t work from top to bottom, then all you’re left with is just great memories and a sense of what could have been. We are here to ensure the economics work for one site or hundred.

Training Programs

A great restaurant team is made up of amazing people who feel they’ve got a stake in the overall success of the business. With each person playing a vital role in the operation comes a sense of ownership and responsibility to deliver their best for the overall benefit of the operation. to meet this level of success, we utilize, train and deliver highly effective processes and systems to keep everyone operating from the same script, underpinned with common vision and goals.

Purpose driven business

We believe that if we all can improve and focus on our individual talents, as a group, we can create the change that we aim to see. And, by the way, this can generate significant profit for businesses. We work on finding the passion and setting the vision, strategy, and tactics not just for the company but also for its employees and stakeholders in order to fully integrate purpose into a profitable solution for all.

Management Services

Integrating appropriate systems throughout a restaurant or food service operation allows for streamlined operations with measurable financial results. Successfully executed daily operations require sound management, and from inside out, we understand how to attain top results at every step of the way. We design and implement systems for daily operations that cover front of house, back office, front desk, bar, service/training, line prep, and receiving programs. Where your operation is weak, we work to repair, strengthen, and improve it. Each operation is measured against our profit structure foundational standards, allowing us to engineer profitable systems that deliver on your bottom line.

Investor Preparation & Presentation

after you’ve created your restaurant business plan and have the planning, numbers, and identity to show investors, what’s the best way to tackle that? We help create the ideal presentation, customized to the specific investor search and audience, hence taking the stress of the pitch down a level.

Menu & Product Development

Our exceptional team of operators, chefs and eaters have the experience and talent to help you with anything related to food & beverage. From menu development to menu makeovers, menu analysis to brand alignment, we know how to cook it up just right. And not just for dinner: we have first-class pastry chefs, break bakers, bar chefs, and beer experts who will help direct pastry or beverage programs.

Find Your Purpose

We guide you on how to define your purpose-driven vision for growth, identify the trends, patterns and gaps in your market, then understand how to decide on strategic brand choices. We will also help you to identify your brand assets to create a profitable and sustainable business model and ultimately higher valuation and increased brand equity through our proven partnership model.

Marketing strategy

A strategic integrated plan is a key for marketing success. It’s not about spontaneity or last-minute offers, but based on a solid, comprehensive Marketing Action Plan that is proactive, creative, varied, and connected to a budget and a schedule. Our marketing team develops top line plans for implementation and execution by in-house resources or through us, to meet your needs. We know how to build awareness combining social and physical activations. We provide the insight, know-how, and multi-layered strategy to expand your brand’s reach.

Turnaround Projects

They say ‘there’s always room for improvement,’ and this is true in the food service and hospitality industry. Your concept may be running smoothly, guest figures are the same as last year, and your food is tasty, but you just can’t seem to make the transition from a good restaurant to great one-and a more profitable one at that. Let our team of operators, chefs, and systems experts dig in and reveal ways to elevate your business.

Scaling & Proof of Concept

You have a great restaurant or concept running, and are thinking about expansion and scalability? We can help launch the growth of your venture. To package it properly and sell it to investors, guests, or the media, a marketing and business plan package is crucial, in addition to ensuring all the systems are robust and focus on the individual. Our teams work with clients to set and implement all types of plans and systems that can mean the difference between driving new growth or holding steady with a simply ‘good’ concept that never improves.

Market Entry Strategies

Growing beyond a business’s existing markets is challenging. Deciding which sector, service or geography to expand into, and then how that expansion should happen, is complicated, and entails specific expertise to get it right. We help companies distinguish new opportunities, plan for market entry, and drive necessary operational and cultural changes.

Business Planning

Our expertise in creating restaurants business plans comes from the fact that we are real restaurants operators. We have a day-to-day experience, combined with all our development experience, to set plans based on facts. Our restaurants business plans are 100% created from scratch and tailored to your concept and your business. Engaging with us gets a solid customized business plan. We offer a collaborative process that focuses on concept development, foundational profit architecture, fact-based budgeting, and a variety of other proven approaches.

Cultural Integration Training

We focus on total inclusion, no one should work without collaboration and inclusion, we take care of skills building and understanding, enabling people to succeed in an environment where every culture or identity aims to be included and work together.

Non-executive Director Advisory

Whether you are a company CEO, owner, or founder seeking confidential and effective feedback and coaching for yourself, or your team. We offer solutions-driven approaches that challenge and improve skills and knowledge. We provide programs for team training and management coaching that meet your needs, no matter the scale or the space of your business. the scenarios are straightforward: we work directly with candidates in a mix of side-by-side, experiential, and direct training sessions that are both structured and informal. Whether the coaching is specifically related to skills development, or as a feedback and improvement check, the expertise provided by our team will have an immediate positive impact.

Franchise Support

We specialized in restaurant franchising and by time we have become a professional business developer capable of turning ideas into international restaurant concepts. We carefully establish businesses on solid ground and help support them with a mix of equity and franchise investment, real estate expertise, and operations consultancy delivered by top industry talent within our organizations.

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